Checking in

A lot has happened. A lot has changed. And yet much is still the same.

Yes, both Rhys and I moved to USA to pursue both our dream of being better physicians and being together. We are currently living, breathing and thriving in the frigid free air of the east coast. We live about an hour apart, separated by the Hudson, connected by the multitude of bridges and a mutual longing for shared silences.

Quietly celebrated our sixth anniversary, we continue with this beautiful relationship. As we grown as individuals and as a couple, we are questioning, exploring and pushing the boundaries of the social experiment of a relationship. So in coming posts, you may see us explore more varied topics – such as sex positivity, fidelity, polyamory, love and lust – alongside our more regular themes of the daily humdrum of a same -sex relationship. A disclaimer is warranted perhaps – neither of us are experts in social sciences and are musings will be just that, musings of two people going through life, jotting down random thoughts in hopes of telling a coherent story of a life lead.

So, this post is just me checking in to say hello to anyone who is still reading. Adios for now, will return when the urge to write takes over once more.




  1. Hey guys. It’s great to know that u guys have each others support during ur med school and even in the states. For residency and all. I m in the same boat trying to fetch a good residency in the states. It’s just that it gets frustrating sometimes and I m alone on my boat. So ur blogs gives hope

    1. The one thing that we learnt specifically from our experience that the whole arduous process of building a resume, applications, and interviews is a unique experience in itself. Not to mention all the new places you would get to visit, new people you will meet and new experiences that will push the boundaries of your comfort. Enjoy and fully embrace this time. Do not hold off on living your life for later arbitrary points such as “when i get into residency, i will ….” or “when i become an attending, I will …..” Good luck !

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