Movie Review – Memories in March

To lose a child is a tragic incident for a mother. To realize that she never knew his true self can be worse.  Sanjoy Nag’s movie – Memories in March captures the essence of this loss.

Aarti (Deepti Naval) a middle aged divorcee is devastated to hear that her son Siddharth died in a car accident. She flies to Kolkatta to collect his ashes and belongings but in the process discovers a secret her son could never tell her. That he is gay and in a relationship with his boss. The film captures beautifully the anguish of a conservative Indian women trying to come to terms with her son’s homosexuality and the suprising bond she forms with her son’s lover Ornob ( Rituporno Ghosh) over the loss of their beloved Siddharth.

Overall an outstanding film to come out of India, especially when mainstream Bollywood is yet to come out ( pun not intended) of stereotype gay male as a comic touch in movies ( though I agree that this is the opening doors of discussion atleast ) . However from an outstanding man such as Rituporno Ghosh one does expect a more restrained potrayal that may have been a more realistic depiction. That of course is completely my personal opinion – as a Gay Bengali Boy in a loving relation! That said , the movie is still one of the best in recent times and a documentation of the changing undercurrents of Indian Middle Class as it learns to accept and love us.