Asking out….

Finally the last in series of “How Nick n Rhys got together” . Since i had promised that i will tell how i asked out Nick, so here it goes…

Planning any event requires a few things. Like-

1. An appropriate environment/venue (it was Nick’s room in this case..:) )

2. To create an ambiance suitable to the event. (It was created by the background music i played )

3. To catch the person’s interest in the event. (I did that very well by blindfolding my Nick.. )

4. A special unique component. (It was dance in our case since he loves to dance.. lol .. 😛 )

5. And finally the moment of asking him out (For this, i wrote a poem for him)

As Nick had given me a warning that ‘proposal for being his boyfriend be good enough, or else he will reject 😛 ‘. So i started planning it in late December 2011.

I knew that i will going to ask Nick out in his room only. Next was to find some music. I found a song appropriate for the evening after searching for  2-3 long hours, all thanks to you-tube. It was “Can’t take my eyes off you- By Lady Antebellum”

I decided to write a poem for Nick, although i m a poet and have never ever written anything before. Still i had to make  it good, so i wrote a small poem for him. It took me around 1-2 hours for the poem, and subsequent changes in the poem took a lot of time for me.

Next was to create Nick’s interest into it and adding a special component to my proposal, so as to make it unique. I thought of stimulating all his senses except vision. 😛 So i decided to blindfold him and then make him dance on the song i had selected. Then by the end of song, i would place him at  a spot where a small placard would be kept saying “I Love You..” At the same time,  i would ask him to open his eyes when i will be on my knees.. 😉 Just at that moment i had decided to recite my poem to him..

But the reality is usually different from what we plan.. A few issues cropped up at the last moment, like i couldn’t find paint and any placard to write “i love you”. So instead i had to use the only available form of color i had  -SHOE POLISH.. 😀  I got an old cardboard from somewhere and wrote my 3 word message on it by a shoe polish. Following this, my preparation was done for the evening.

3rd January 2012- It was evening when i entered Nick’s room, where he was just lazying around in his bed. I asked him to be patient with me while i blindfolded him and my sweet Nick did as i said. Next, i placed the cardboard with my message at its spot, and played the music on laptop. I pulled Nick swiftly out of bed and into my arms, moving our feet together slowly to the tunes of song. I did a little bit of ballet, whatever i could manage to.. lol.. 😛 (I am a very bad dancer, unlike my dancer boyfy Nick..:) ). By the end of song and the ballet dance, i had deliberately brought Nick to that very spot where my cardboard was placed. I went down on my knees and asked him to open his eyes.

He saw me on my knees and also that placard/cardboard. I started reciting my poem. At first, he was just surprised and couldn’t speak a word till i finished my poem. (Till date i don’t know whether he was surprised ’cause of the preparation or the fact that i used a shoe polish  to write “i love you” on a waste 😛 ).

By the end when i had finished my poem, i waited for his reply. He just pulled me up towards himself and softly kissed me.. And said “Yes, my darling, I will be your BOYFRIEND.. 🙂 ”

And that’s how Nick and Rhys got together as boyfriends… 🙂

Love you Nick..



Some recollections……

This post is in continuation with  How it all Began or its the rest of the story about how Nick and I got closer and got committed. 🙂 hope u will enjoy it, it will be a bit lengthy this time as it is going to cover 8 months of how i finally had the courage to come out to Nick.

As Nick had ended the Post by saying that a text message “i’m sorry” marked the beginning of s deep friendship, it wasn’t so. After that message chat, i assumed nick to be my very good friend only to find out recently that he hadn’t considered me that good a friend back then. We used to meet up and hang out occasionally in college since we are in the same class. Had a few text message chat over phone sometimes and that was pretty much the same for around 3-4 months. After that he left for his hometown for vacations. During those vacations i had been stalking him on Facebook (lol i was so desperate to see him) and messaged him once or twice during those vacations.

After the vacations, i decided to study with him (and that was the sole purpose, I did NOT study with him for any other ulterior motive.. lol .. 🙂 ). We started studying together and surprisingly our frequencies matched and we could study very well and efficiently, though most of the time he used to take small naps in between as i am slow reader compared to him. Anyways, we had studied together for around 2-3 months and during that time, we both got a bit closer to each other (in terms of feelings, not physically.. 😛 ).

We started talking to each other more frequently on text messages. It gradually increased, as i would message him a soon as i left his room  after our study session. Once we had our special chat when either us were Dis-inhibited.

After all this playful act (or strategic plan of mine, whatever u wanna call it.. 😛 :D), we finally had our “face to face talk” where we both came out to each other. He started with his past relations, followed by me confessing about my only serious relationship of past. This was followed by a lunch at a restaurant which has now  become one of our favorite places to dine when we go on a date.. 🙂

That very same night, i texted Nick saying “ It was a good day today. We told each other everything about us. Except one thing.” Nick replied ” what’s that ?? ” To which i said ”  I have some feelings for you, from the past few months since we started studying together. I kind of like you.”  At that time, Nick wasn’t into me as he had been waiting for a positive response from the girl he liked since high school, lets call her K. Since he was still hung up on K, he replied to me “ See i appreciate your feelings for me. But I don’t think you cane make my heart skip a beat like K does when i see her. ”  By then i was so desperate to get Nick, that I replied ”  i know that. I won’t expect anything form you then. But lets just spend a night together. No strings attached”  This was CONTRARY to my nature as i don’t believe in  one night stands or hooks ups. I am a relationship guy. But I said this to him because i knew i could change his mind about me. He replied positively for that one night.

After  a week, we spent our first night together , not as a couple but just as “friends”.. Lol.. He left for his hometown the next morning. For next 10 days while he was home, both of us were dying to meet each other. We even had skype chat many times. And it was during this time, that Nick realized even he had developed feelings for me.. In one of our chats during vacations, i had referred to Nick as my boyfriend, which he pointed out and said “ You haven’t proposed me yet. So we are not boyfriends officially. Propose to me and do it well.. ‘coz if i don’t like ur proposal, i will reject it” (he still is such an arrogant ass .. lol .. 😛 :D). So I started planning on how to propose him. I searched net for ideas since it was my first time.

After he returned from home, I decided to propose to him.

How i did that, is also very special for me. I will tell you in detail in my next post.

Do let me know what do you think of our story…. 🙂


Rhys…. 🙂